A Merry Christmas to Remember

xmasimagesSome of you may know that I work as a senior editor at Greek Reporter. My job every single day requires me to put up the news, which most of the time is very difficult news to tell indeed. Not a day goes by that my eyes aren’t filled with tears and on many days, stories of poverty, death, war and suffering children consume me; so much so, that on most days I feel guilty just being me. After becoming a mother this feeling of consciousness intensified; many parents who read this will surely understand. I see the world through different eyes — through my child’s eyes.

While it’s true that not everyone is as lucky as most of us are, for this holiday season I invite you all to be comfortable with feeling pure and complete happiness. I invite all of you to be grateful for the gift of your life, your freedom, employment, a warm house and the food on your table. As you share these special days with family and friends, take a moment to look around you and indulge in the pleasure of thinking about absolutely nothing else, other than how lucky you are in that single moment. Allow yourself to experience unbelievable, crazy, over-the-moon joy.

As a New Year’s resolution I propose for all of you to continue being a tiny, yet beautiful part of this entire world. Connect with what is happening around you so that you may remember that many – although not all – of the tears you shed and the frustrations you endure are trivial and not worth focusing on. Do not let people who are truly suffering in the world suffer in vain; allow them to be a part of your soul so that you may remember your gifts and find true happiness within.night-tree

Happy Holidays!



Osso Buco Recipe

By: Voula Argyropoulos
About the Dish

Osso Buco

Osso Buco

Trying new things is a motto of mine so I’m always experimenting in the kitchen. Osso Buco originated in the Late 19th century and was on the menu of a neighbourhood restaurant in Milan, however, I discovered this dish years ago after ordering it in a lovely Italian restaurant in Toronto. It was totally melt-in-my-mouth Continue reading

Stuffed Eggplant Boats with Tomatoe & Cheese Recipe


About the Dish…….I would call this a cross between the Greek, Turkish-inspired “Imam Baildi” recipe  (which means “the fainting priest” in English) and the Italian Eggplant Parmesan. Being hooked on an abundantly protein-filled diet, I felt it was necessary to broaden my repertoire of vegetarian dishes and get a break from meat a couple of times a week. Here’s my version of stuffed Eggplants……

Prep Time: About a 1/2hr
Difficulty level out of 5: 2 Continue reading

Sweet & Sour Chicken Recipe

By Greg Milis from Amfilochia, Greece

About the dish….

Sweet and sour chicken is one of my family’s favourite recipe’s, easy to make and super tasty. It’s one of the sweetsourchickenfew recipe’s that contain “out of the ordinary” ingredients that all of my family likes. Whoever loves sweet and sour foods will love it! Flora, this recipe is dedicated to you since you asked me for it.”

Continue reading